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SSL Certificates

What is a SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are your front line of defence from malicious third parties trying to access information transmitted to and from your website. By encrypting all data relayed on your website, SSL certificates secure you and your customers.

Do I need a SSL Certificate?

While there isn't necessarily a mandatory requirement for SSL at the moment, it is still highly recommendable to secure your website with SSL to eradicate the negative effects of not having one. With web browsers such as Google Chrome already warning visitors not to visit non-SSL website, not having a SSL certificate can deter existing and new customers from visiting your website and for those who do continue on to your website, their data is vulnerable to interception from third parties.

If you have a SSL certificate, your site's URL will start with the HTTPS prefix and a green padlock icon will be displayed in the browser URL bar: showing your visitors that your website is secure and that their data is being safely transmitted. Pages that are protected with SSL receive better search engine rankings, and are more likely to be trusted by visitors.

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Features Single Multi Wildcard EV EV Multi OV
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Additional Domains
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Site Seal
Secure Padlock
Improved Search Engine Ranking
Green Validation URL Bar
Single Domain SSL Certificate
The perfect option for small-to-medium scale website where there's not a massive amount of user data being transmitted. With Single Domain SSL you can secure your website, encrypt data and bring a heightened level of trust to your site.
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Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Whether you're a web host, enterprise or large corporation, multi domain SSL certificates are the ideal solution for securing a portfolio of domains under one certificate: making validation, installation and renewals simpler than ever before.

Multi Domain SSL certificates by standard include space for 3 domains to be secured. This can be increased to 100 domains in total, with a charge of £20 (ex VAT) per additional domain name.

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Wildcard SSL Certificate

A cost-effective solution for securing an unlimited amount of sub domains (of one domain) on one easy to install certificate. With a Wildcard SSL you can secure sub domains such as:


Additionally, Wildcard SSL certificates provide PCI scanning to guarantee all credit card information is encrypted during transactions.

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Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Show your customers that you take security seriously. EV SSL certificates use SHA2 and ECC encryption on all communications to provide the highest level of security possible for the transmission of sensitive data. This is most visibly represented by the assuring green URL bar at the top of customers' browsers and is further backed up by a 1.75m (USD) warranty.

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Multi Domain Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Ideal for corporations, NGO and E-commerce where EV SSL is required across a variety of domain names. These multi domain certificates come with all the expected perks such as a 1.75m (USD) warranty, high-level encryption and a green URL bar.

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Organisation Validated (OV) SSL Certificate

A professional-level SSL certificate which not only secures the domain, but the company as well by validating you are who you say you are. OV SSL is perfect for giving your customers peace of mind when it comes to transmitting their personal data. With this business-validated certificate you can prove your credibility.

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