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The total number of residents in the tel-Pacific region is estimated to be around 4 billion people accounting for 60% of the world's population. Compared to the 389 million people in Europe, these figures give an interesting perspective on the huge potential of .tel. The sheer number of people combined with a rapid growth in the internet usage of 240% within the last 7 years indicates that .tel has the potential to become one of the major TLDs in a very short time.

.tel domain names are scheduled to go live on March 2008.

Who is eligible for a .tel domain?

The main condition is that one of the contacts indicated in the registration application is a person or company located within the Dottel Community which is defined based on the geographical boundaries described by th ICANN tel/Australia/Pacific region ( In most cases through our registry partner we can supply this contact information. Documentary evidence proving the applicants prior right to the domain application will be required.

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We are now taking official queue entries for .tel domain names through our registry partner ASCIO.

Phases of the Launch:

Sunrise 1 (for governmental bodies - Starts 9th Oct 2007)

Sunrise 2 (for trademark holders - Starts Oct and Nov 2007)
This phase is split into 3 sub categories:
1) Owners of Trade Marks in use and applied for on or before March 16, 2004. The applicant must have demonstrable usage of the Registered Mark in the class for which the mark is registered in (if applicable).
2) Owners of Trade Marks applied for on or before December 6, 2006, The Registered Mark must be issued and valid.
3) Owners of Trade Marks eligible for the first two phases and who wish to request a domain based on their registered mark plus significant words from the class description for which the trademark is registered in.

For sunrise queue applications, the domain name must match the trademark, public body name, company name or trading name EXACTLY (with the exception of spaces and special characters).

Sunrise 3 (for company and trading names - Starts Nov 2007) - The Registrant itself must be a registered entity within the Dottel Community.

Landrush Queue (open to anyone meeting the eligibility requirements - Starts Feb 2008)

Where multiple applicants have applied for the same domain, these will be allocated through an auction and each applicant will be invited to bid for the domain. Go Live First Come First Served - Starts Mar 2008

The .tel domain is scheduled to go live on March 2008.

We provide freephone telephone support and a full online support ticketing system to provide our customers with a fast and comprehensive support service.

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The total price is the Basic Registration Price + Queue Fee, prices as follows (excluding VAT):

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