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Domain Portfolio Management

Central Domain Management

With over 240 different country registries around the world each with their own rules and procedures registering and managing domain names can be a nightmare.

At, we have been providing centralised domain management for the global marketplace since 1999. Using our expertise you can develop a cost-effective strategy for managing all your online brands.

Many ccTLDs (country-code Top-Level Domains - e.g. .fr, .de, .ie) have special rules for registration including specific checks on DNS records. If these rules are not met, the registration or modification of the domain will fail. Our experience means that our nameservers are compatible with all types of domain, not just popular domains like .com.

Domain Consolidation

We at are only too familiar with the problems experienced by companies when domain names have been registered by different departments across multiple subsidiaries. Companies can end up with domains registered using several different agents and using varying information in the registrations.

We can identify areas of risk and provide auditing of all your domains, providing recommendations and domain modification services. We have already helped many large corporations consolidate their domain portfolio. The processes we carry out are essential to maintain correctly registered ownership and contact information across your online brands.

Annual Renewals Billing

For customers with larger portfolios we can provide managed renewals billing allowing you to process all your renewals once a year. This significantly eases the administrative burden of managing renewals for your staff.

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