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Domain Portfolio Management

Domain Consolidation

With over 240 domain TLDs available, a sprawling variety of registrars to choose from and a multitude of usernames and passwords to remember, it can often be difficult to get a real handle on your domain portfolio to manage it with ease.

At DomainNameShop we offer an excellent domain consolidation service where we can amalgamate all of your domains into one manageable package for you to streamline registrations, renewals, DNS changes and more under one comprehensive service where our team of experts are always on-hand to ensure your domains are always operating as intended while also being compliant with the latest rules and regulation set by the domain registries.

By consolidating your domains under DomainNameShop, you'll never miss a beat.

Domain Continuity

We commonly find that many clients who transfer domains into us have out-of-date or illegitimate registrant details tied to their domain: this is the legal part which dictates who actually owns your domain and it is often hidden from your view. While this may not cause you any issues now, it does open you or your company up to a variety of risks such as:

  • Disgruntled ex-employees claiming the rights to your domains
  • Domain ownership disputes
  • Domain suspensions by the registry for invalid details

At DomainNameShop we analyses each and every domain in your portfolio to ensure continuity between all of them; whether it's assigning all domains to your company director, IT manager or even an entire department. Likewise, if you have domains spread across different countries such as .fr (France) and .cn (China) we ensure the domain registrant information matches that location to secure your compliance with ICANN (domain governing body) regulations.

Brand Protection

Growth in cybercrime and elusive online scams has resulted in a pressing requirement for online brands and companies to keep a more attentive eye on their digital interests. Secure your online presence with confidence by utilising our brand protection service.

Through gap analysis we can successfully identity key domain names which should be added to your domain portfolio to protect you and your customers. For example, the addition of a .ie domain when you're trading in Ireland. By securing domains in instance such as this, we can help you and your customers avoid being victims of cybercrime.

Domain Auto-Renewals

With a portfolio of domains you can often find it difficult to keep track of renewal thresholds and expiry dates. Missing an expiry date can be detrimental; whether it's the resulting excessive fees to recover your domains or the eventual deletion of them. Avoid the displeasure of experiencing such issues by submitting your portfolio for auto renewals where our team will invoice you annually for the entire list to streamline your renewals and the accounting of them into one swift movement.

To find out more about how we can help manage your domain portfolio please contact us via email at or give us a call on 0800 368 8321.

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