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Setting up an Email Account

Email Account set-up in Microsoft Outlook Express

We have picked Outlook Express because it is a very commonly used email client and the set-up is virtually identical for Microsoft Outlook. Most other email clients use similar settings.

Before setting up your email account make sure you have your username and password which we sent you with your account confirmation. If you want to send email using your own ISP's outgoing mail server (SMTP) then you will also need your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) outgoing mail server (SMTP) address.

Outlook Express POP3 Email Account set-up

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  2. Using the drop down menus at the top of the window go to Tools > Accounts.
  3. When the window pops up click the Mail tab.

  4. Click the Add button on the right hand side and select Mail from the menu.
  5. The Internet Connection Wizard will now open.
  6. In the text box enter what you want people to see when they receive mail from you. Most people use their name or company name in this box.
  7. Click Next. Enter the email address you want people to reply to. Remember this email address must have something in front of the @ sign followed by your domain name e.g.something@<yourdomain>
  8. Click Next. Make sure you choose from the drop down menu 'My incoming mail server is a POP3 server.' (POP3 is the type of email account we have set up for you on the server).
  9. Next in the 'Incoming Mail (POP3, IMAP or HHTP) server box type mail.<yourdomain>
  10. In the 'Outgoing mail (SMTP) server' text box enter either: your ISP's outgoing mail server (most ISP's will have their SMTP details on their web site); or, enter our outgoing mail server - Remember that to use our outgoing mail server you will have to enable outgoing mail authentication (see below).
  11. Click Next. Enter your username which we sent to you with your account confirmation in the 'Account name box and the password we sent in the Password box below.
  12. Keep remember password check box ticked if you do not want to reenter your password every time you retrieve mail.
  13. Do not check the second check box for Secure Password Authentication (SPA). Checking this will mean you can not retrieve mail from the server.
  14. Click next. Click Finish.

Once you have set up your email account, it may not be set as your default email account. If you wish to set your NEW email account as the default email address for Outlook Express highlight the new account you have just added to the Internet Accounts Window by clicking it. Once highlighted click the button on the right hand side Set as Default.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Authentication set-up

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  2. Using the drop down menus at the top of the window go to Tools > Accounts.
  3. When the window pops up click the Mail tab.
  4. Select the account that you want to enable outgoing mail authentication for.

  5. Click the Properties button.
  6. Click on the Servers tab at the top of the window.

  7. Tick the box under "Outgoing Mail Server" that says "My server requires authentication".
  8. There is no need to click the Settings button because the username and password are the same as the incoming mail server details.

Now you are ready to send and receive using your new email account.

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