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Common Email Problems

Unable to connect to outgoing mail server - ISPs blocking port 25 traffic

The recent increase in viruses and SPAM has led certain popular UK ISPs to take drastic action by blocking port 25 (outgoing email) traffic from any third party mail server. Unfortunately this action inevitably results in the blocking of legitimate outgoing email traffic.

The solution is to modify the port with which your e-mail program communicates with our server from the default port 25 to port 587 (smtp submission). This can be done be accessing the advanced properties of the e-mail account in your e-mail client program.

Further information on this issue can be found at the following web sites:


Unable to send mail - Relay access denied

If you are getting this error then you are either trying to use the wrong outgoing mail server for your account, or you have not configured outgoing mail authentication correctly.

If we are providing your email account then you should use our outgoing mail server - However to use this server you must either use outgoing mail authentication or be using our dial-up Internet connection.

For details on how to set-up outgoing mail authentication see our Email Account Set-up page.


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