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Interpreting Web Statistics

Viewing your web statistics

If you have purchased a 30Mb (or larger) web hosting account full visitor statistics are generated automatically every day for your site.

To view your visitor stats at any time enter the following address in your web browser:

An explanation of each of the terms used on the web statistics pages is given below. The statistics are generated by the excellent Webalizer package. For further information please go to


Any request made to the server which is logged, is considered a “hit”. Thus a hit is a request for any file – html pages, images, sound files, scripts etc...

Hits also include requests made to the server, which did not result in any files being returned (for example if the browser has already downloaded a file).


Some requests made to the server, require that the server then send a file back to the requesting client, such as an html page or graphic image. The files total is the total number of files sent back to the client in the specified period.


The “Pages” total includes all HTML pages and also any scripts that generate an HTML page (e.g. PHP or ASP pages).


This is the total number of unique client IP addresses which made requests to the server in the specified period.


This is the really important figure. “Visits” is the total number of unique visitors (i.e. client IP addresses) to your site. Note that a visitor is not considered unique if they return more than once in any 30-minute period.

Detailed Reporting

By clicking on the links for each month you will be able to obtain more detail about the traffic coming to your site:

Each month's page is divided into sections.

Hits by Response Code

This gives the identifier and quantity of all response codes returned by the server during the month selected. This section is quite useful for determining broken links (for example code 404 - Not Found) and general site integrity.

Daily Statistics

This section gives a day by day breakdown of traffic coming to your web site in both graphical and numerical form.

Hourly Statistics

This section gives the hourly traffic averages for the month to date.


Shows the top 30 pages requested from your site in order of popularity.

Entry Pages

This shows the top 10 pages that were requested as the first page by a new visitor (i.e. the page where a user has "entered" your site"). Normally your home page "/" will be the most popular entry page.

Exit Pages

This shows the top 10 pages that were requested as the last page viewed by the visitor before they left your site.

Total Sites

Shows the top 30 client IP addresses which requested pages from your site.

Total Sites by KBytes

This section shows the top 10 client IP addresses ordered by the amount of data downloaded from your site.

Total Referrers

Shows the top 30 sites which referred traffic to your site (e.g. search engines, other sites).

Total Search Strings

This section gives the top 30 search phrases used to find your site on search engines.

Total User Agents

Gives the top 15 browser types used in order of popularity.

Usage by Country

Displays the traffic requesting data from your site by country.


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