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Protect Yourself from Domain Name Scams

WARNING "Domain Registry of America"
(also called "Domain Registry of Canada")
A company calling itself "Domain Registry of Canada" or "Domain Registry of America" is targeting domain name owners to transfer their domains by renewal.

They are a reseller who use the following ICANN accredited registrars:
eNom Inc. (
Brandon Gray Internet Services, Inc. (

They obtain contact information through the publicly accessible WHOIS database, and send renewal notices through regular mail in an envelope and on stationary intentionally designed to look like an official renewal notice.

You absolutely SHOULD NOT remit any payments to "Domain Registry of Canada"/"Domain Registry of America" in order to renew your domain. If you have registered your domain with us then you should renew your domain with us. You may transfer your domain to another company at any time, however this should be the company of YOUR choice.

If you have already made a payment to this company, we suggest contacting your bank or credit card company and ask for the payment to be stopped or reversed.

" Domain Registry of America" have already had a court injunction against them with regard to domain name reselling. For more information, please read these articles:

WARNING "EU Registry Services" - Cambridge
A company calling itself "EU Registry Services" is sending out letters regarding domain names with upcoming renewals. The letters are entitled "DOMAIN EXPIRATION NOTICE" and are blatantly misleading, urgently requesting domain owners to "renew immediately to ensure service continues uninterrupted".

The letter has a tear-off slip at the bottom for you to detach and send with your cheque. Under no circumstances should you send any payment to these people. This is a blatant scam, intended to mislead.

"EU Registry Services" have already received attention from the Advertising Standards Authority regarding a misleading claim over .eu domains:

WARNING "Domain Registry Services" - Cambridge
Another company is sending out very similar notices to "EU Registry Services" but under the name "Domain Registry Services". Could they be the same company? We think the answer is probably yes.

Again this is a blatant scam, intended to mislead, so please ignore these letters.

What should you do?
Should you receive ANY unsolicited email or postal notices from ANY company regarding your domain registration, please:

  • Cancel any payment you may have made.

  • Tear up the letter and dispose of it (or recycle!).

  • Renew your domain with us.

WARNING "Domain Update Center" and "Domain Listing Center Inc" - USA
A company is sending out very official-looking notices to containing the words "FlNAL NOTlCE".

Simply delete these messages, they are just trying to trick you into buying additional domain names or services for existing domain names through them.

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