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Email Services

We can provide a wide range of email services for all budgets from single-user accounts to mail feeds for a whole email server.

Please note that to use our forwarding, email or hosting services your domain must be managed by us and use our nameservers.

Email Package Comparison:

Features POP3 SMTP Mail Feed
Unlimited Email Addresses (anything@yourdomain) Yes Yes
Number of different email aliases Unlimited Unlimited
Space Quota 10Mb 100Mb
Undeliverable email queue time n/a 9 days
Web-based Front-end Yes No
Outgoing server included* Yes Yes
Maximum outgoing message size 15Mb 15Mb
Maximum incoming message size 15Mb 15Mb
Anti-spam filtering
(blocks most junk mail)
Yes Yes
Dial-up internet connection
(UK 0845 number)
Free Free
POP3 Pricing    
Description Price (in £ ex. VAT) Total monthly data transfer limit
1 x POP3 Email Account 18.00 1 year
30.00 2 years
2 x POP3 Email Accounts 29.00 1 year
52.00 2 years
5 x POP3 Email Accounts 59.00 1 year
106.00 2 years
SMTP Mail Feed    
Mail is routed to our servers for spam and virus removal before being delivered to your own email server (e.g. MS Exchange). If your server is unavailable, mail is backed up on our servers for up to 9 days. You must have a static IP address for this service.

This account has a monthly data transfer limit of 1Gb.
Price (in £ ex. VAT) 170.00 1 year
300.00 2 years
SMTP Relay Service    
If you are connecting to the Internet via broadband or another ISP this service allows you to use our SMTP server to send outgoing email. You must have a static IP address for this service.
Price (in £ ex. VAT) 40.00 1 year
70.00 2 years
MX Backup    
In the event of your mailserver going offline potentially emails sent to you could be bounced back to the sender as undeliverable. With the backup MX service, mail will be directed into one of our backup MX servers where it will be retained for up to 9 days. Once back online, all emails are forwarded onto your primary mailserver.
Price (in £ ex. VAT) 40.00 1 year
80.00 2 years
Pointing other domain names at your email accounts:
†If domain names are registered through us then this service is free for as many domains as you want. If the domain names are not with us the charges below apply per domain.
Price (in £ ex. VAT) 25.00 1 year  
Outgoing mail services:
*Outgoing mail service can be provided using SMTP authentication if required. This does not cost extra but it is not set-up by default so please ask if you need this.
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