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Linux Hosting Packages

Linux web hosting is fast and reliable. Suitable for small and large sites when the site is built with a design package such as Macromedia Dreamweaver® and Adobe Golive®.

We do not recommend Linux web hosting for Microsoft Frontpage® 2000/2. For Frontpage® you should choose Frontpage hosting.

Please note that to use our forwarding, email or hosting services your domain must be managed by us and use our nameservers.

Linux Hosting Packages:

Features Quota (Mb) Monthly Bandwidth (Mb per month) Webstats PHP CGI MySQL Price 1 year
(£ ex. VAT)
10 500        
30 1000 Yes Yes    
StandardCGI 50 1000 Yes Yes Yes  
Database 100 2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database200 200 2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database500 500 2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database1000 1000 2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MySQL database accounts - phpMyAdmin
All MySQL account come with phpMyAdmin, allowing you to administer your database online using a web browser.
Pointing other domain names at your web space:
†If domain names are registered through us then this service is free for as many domains as you want. If the domain names are not with us the charges below apply per domain.
Price (in £ ex. VAT)     25.00 1 year      
Switching Accounts:
We do permit customers to switch web hosting accounts mid-term (e.g. from Linux to Windows). However there is a £15 + VAT charge for this.

Dreamweaver® is a registered trademark of Macromedia Incorporated.
Golive® is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Frontpage® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
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